5 Reasons Why I Hate Christmas..!!

Its just 2days to Christmas, everyone is feeling festive….but there are somethings that doesn’t just feel right about Christmas and its season for me.

  1.  Price of goods and commodities are triple: I thought it’s the season of  giving.
  2. The cinema and recreational places are always crowded..The last time I checked, last year December, last time I went to the movies, come and see the way we plenti, people wouldn’t even chill for the people inside to come out finish, everyone wants to get in, to avoid being on the wait again, see pushing, smh.
  3. Harmattan season: I don’t like this season..dry air, dust everywhere, chapped lips, skin looking starved………bet why haff harmattan not reach Lagos yet ….
  4. Let Jesus birthday be Jesus birthday (according to my sweet NSG): People have remixed the whole ‘Christmas is all about sharing love’….ladies wants something from boyfriend, everyone is expecting gift, Hey….I thought ‘Jesus is the reason for the season’, its Jesus birthday and he ain’t getting no gifts. Can’t we just enjoy the season without thinking about what to get for him, her, she, they e.t.c. 
  5. Every time rice and chicken, rice and chicken: deris no amala, gbegiri and ewedu ni?


     Hmmmm, thats what I hate most about Christmas…

    What don’t you fancy about the season..


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