You Were Created To Create…

You were created to create, create what??….

“Happiness is not found anywhere, it is created; don’t wait for it to come and visit you. Get it!!”.

Walking in joy is not an option based on the circumstances around you, it’s a COMMAND. Form a daily habit of humour (making others laugh) as 2017 approach, you would attract new Grace by it, you yourself would feel joy. Who wants to be around a sad and moody person?. Laughter or being joyful opens new doors for you. It will attract new friends from afar off (you never can tell who is watching you).

A person of humour, often makes friend easily. Be that person..(everyone has ‘a sense of humour’, it not necessarily you have to be ‘comedian-like’ ). You were created to create!!!!… Create joy around your world today and daily. Take time off your busy schedule and have laughter and fun!. Take your spouse out, do fun stuff, don’t be the next sadistic and dreaded GOLIATH!! 

Laughter is a spirit and it’s infectious. So is sorrow. Be a jolly fellow to be with. You don’t have two lives, YOLO baby..!!!. Refuse depression and self-pity. Deliberately create laughter, it is a winning key to life’s battles!.

Stay happy, create moments of happiness.

*strolls out whilst whistling*


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