The Gifts of 2020 – A Gratitude List

47days left and here comes 2021 in her glory. This year has been a long year, it’s been such a roller coaster year, quite exhausting and mentally draining for me. I’d be talking about certain positive things (gifts to precise) that happened to me during the year.

2019 happened, it was awesome for some, it was not so awesome for some, at the same time was indifferent towards others, but at the end of the year, everyone couldn’t wait for the year to end (as always), hope for 2020 to bring more goodness and grace and boyy did we not foresee it, we never expected it. It would be a historical year, not just in the world, but in Nigeria, we would never forget, #20-10-20, #EndSars movement, and the unfolding events after the protest.

Amidst this pandemic madness, 2020 still had some good to offer to many people, and I’d be sharing mine here because of longevity and honestly because I am tired of the 700 characters of WhatsApp story and the 150 characters of Twitter.

This might seem insignificant to some but it’s a big deal for me because I have not received this much gift in my life. All my life, I have gifted myself more gifts than I receive from people, every year, but this year is different, and no, It isn’t a one-day thing, it is not birthday stuff, I rarely celebrate birthdays tbh.

-This year started with my friend sponsoring my trip to the Eastern part of Nigeria, Imo state. Lol, y’all thought I had money to be traveling and be sightseeing abi 🀑.

She said “Seyi come to Owerri”, I replied “When I get money”, in response she said “I’d send you money…. I’m serious”, I said, “Baby girl say no more!”.
Listen! I was BROKE! Like brokedy broke, I got to Ibadan from Ogbomosho, a 2-hours journey, due to traffic I missed the bus going to the east, couldn’t go back, my friend had to send me money for a hotel, I was that broke.

Throughout my stay, I did not spend 5naira, do I even have money?.

Peace!!! 600years of blessing for you!

– Actually, this year started with a new phone and my one naira wasn’t there, 600years(of blessing) for you!

This year I also received “stuff” from people I haven’t met in real life.

  • Adey sent me 5k (Twitter)
  • Momoh sent me 1k to get an ebook (Twitter).
  • Jael sent me 3k for data during the lockdown ( She’s based in the UK, I don’t even know what she looks like, yet to see her picture, met via WhatsApp).
  • Mummy shakes bought me a hand sanitizer and a nose mask.
  • I won lots of makeup items from Hegai & Esther.

Hegai & Esther

  • Ebuka sent 1k airtime for helping him with questions bout Cowrywise.
  • Gbenga randomly sent me 1k but denied it, I know your full name when I see it, young man.
  • Dr. Green gave me an opportunity that earned me a few thousand.

  • I miraculously received 10k in September, I don’t know who the sender was, I was skeptical about spending it because it might be a mistake, wanted to visit the bank, but the crowd at the bank wasn’t encouraging and one son of Adam urged me to spend the money, in fact asked me to send the money if I was skeptical about spending it, which I did, lol, omo buruku lomo Lanre yen.

  • I was having a really bad week, and I got a wig and a pair of heels as a result of that. So if you see me outside with a 24″hair flipping my head like agama lizard, tell me the usual “you are glowing, your skin looks so good”, avoid “you just dey chop money, see your hair, etc”.

  • Sarah sent me data.
  • Pages and sound sent me two books.

  • Lawrence bought me a book and plenty food.
  • Wanshygirl said, “Are you still staying offline? I’m having a skincare class starting next week would you like to be a part of it? I’ll love to have you participate”. I said say no more πŸ™…πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ, Mo ti wa online!!!! 600years of everything good and noble for you ma’am.

  • Olanrewaju!, Ijogbon 1! I fear who no fear you (na cruise), 600years of God’s will for you!
  • My Queen sent me cash just for being so beautiful.

  • I was in a deep mess with no escape route and my Madam πŸ™‚ the one who creates magic with her makeup brush, mummy T, helped me out.

I just counted my blessings one by one.


Brokedy broke – Poor

You just dey chop money- You’re balling

Mo ti wa online – I am online

Omo buruku lomo Lanre yen – Lanre has been a bad boy

600years of xx- a slang I learned off Twitter and I don’t know how to explain it :\

3 thoughts on “The Gifts of 2020 – A Gratitude List

  1. It really nice seeing how much people understand the concept of did had/have a great year.
    Well my 2020 began well,was feeling fly because I was/I am in my final and couldn’t wait till drop my pen and bounce.but then came Corona and kept Evey thing on Hold.
    My boyfriend which we had moved to the stage of planning our life, left without looking back.he broke my heart ni sha. Ah o dun mi gan.
    After all these,I still see a light at the end of the 2020 is still ending with the same and better way it started.
    Jesus had been my friend through it all,he is still there giving me hope to keep living.even if my boyfriend Waka go,Corona and Asuu no gree us graduate.i still have so many things to be grateful for.


    1. Your 2020 began well, it will end well.
      I’m glad you are keeping the fire of hope burning, I’m also glad you do a friend in Jesus.
      Your boyfriend left? , maybe he wasn’t meant to be.
      I hope you heal completely.


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