My Christmas wishlist…

Is it to early to say ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!”….hehehe, I can smell (does Christmas have a smell?) Christmas in dah air, have been smiling like I have a billion naira  in my account, when all I have is an account balance that would make you cry, #sad.
So, have decided to do my Christmas wishlist again (all my life,have made wishlist, that has little or no manifestation, #depressing). This year is rather fortunate that I would be sharing my wishlist with you, you never know who God can use to butter your bread, lol.

  1. Hegai and Esther makeup: Holy spirit !!!!!, their flash pan Is amaze-balls, their foundation is bae, gel eye liner is on point., ig: hegaiandesther.
  2. Smart money woman: Na only me never read this book, it’s not bad if anyone bless me with this book as a Christmas gift.
  3. 29,single and Nigerian: On a more serious note, am the only one on this planet Nigeria that has not read this book, #sad., ig: naijasinglegirl
  4. Haute signatures bag: I forgotten the name they gave it….but I loveeeee this purse,its not bad to want something girly *wink wink*. They are on instagram @haute.signatures, just dm to buy. I love the colour grey .
  5. This tee and tucker hat from @conleth_onetribe are just too cute to not be on my wishlist.
  6. Money! Money!! Money!!! Seriously Guys, money is……
  7. A smartphone.
  8. A canon camera 
  9. A laptop mehnnn.

Well well well, let me stop here with my wishlist, I really do hope santa would grant them, you could be my heaven-sent santa *wink wink*.

Do you have any wishlist?…

Uhn ehn *clears throat*, you could contact me (check d contact menu, drop me mail) if you want to meet any of my wishlist, or you wanna share something.



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