How To Stop Being Afraid Of Rejection.

Rejection happens to all of us, even the most successful of people. Infact, every successful person has once been rejected.

Being rejected is something we encounter when we try; ask for favour, apply for job, write jamb & utme, passed both, and you still weren’t chosen, when you ask someone out e.t.c.

Rejection is Basic and it comes in different forms. The fear of rejection can prevent you from moving forward and trying new things.

I would be sharing notes which would help in overcoming your fear for rejection.

 1. Know that rejection is always a possibility.

It is part of life and it happens to lots of people, and it is not the end (that you were rejected/would be rejected is not the end of life, it is the beginning!). Understanding that rejection is normal will help you cope more effectively with it.

2. Document your fears, doubts, feelings e.t.c.

By documenting necessarily doesn’t mean you must have a paper and pen or journal/diary.

Best way I document my fears and feelings most times is when I tell it to Jesus, sometimes I make video of myself, talking to myself 😃. By writing your feelings onto the page, you are able to release them better. Writing down your fears can help you understand them better and help overcome them.

3. You are not unloved.

Don’t ever believe that you are jinx, flawed and unlovable, you would always fear rejection that way.

Don’t wound yourself up. The fact that have been rejected emotionally many times doesn’t mean am inherently (naturally) flawed and capable of not being loved, or ‘my village people has put the hatred aroma around me’.

4. Don’t take the rejection too personal.

I know it’s easier said than done when you feel upset about being rejected. Am sure everyone has once rejected (and would still reject) someone before too and you know what it feels like to have to crush someone hope or feelings.

If it’s hard, ask for Grace to move on, not to dwell on it.

Don’t let it be like the whole #keepTheChangeBae saga.

5. Always see rejection as a learning experience.

6. Focus on your goal.

I really want to xxx, am going for this interview, I hope and pray I would be chosen, but if they don’t want me, I would try company B, am sure there is someone that certainly needs this my service, at all at all I go make am, I must do this thing. (You understand what am trying to portray here?)

I hope with this few point of mine, you would consider rejection not to be fatal, and stop fearing it.

I hope it helps somebody.

What do you do anytime you are rejected? How do you get rid of the feeling that comes with rejection? Let me know your thoughts

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