The Purpose Of Life

Are you stumbling towards an uncertain future? You can predict your future by the awareness you have of your unique purpose. Too many people know what they are running from, but not what they are running to. First, concentrate on finding purpose, then concentrate on fulfilling it. Having a powerful why will provide you with … More The Purpose Of Life

Motivate Yourself.!!

Of course, we are all used to ‘finding motivation’, ‘looking up to people for motivations’. But there’s need be for motivating yourself. A friend and I went out, to cool off, during the course of our chat, she stated something about being around a particular person because that person motivates her, in her words ‘ you … More Motivate Yourself.!!

12 Beauty Benefit Of Mint: How To Use Mint Leaves In Your Beauty Applications..

Bonjour..!! Long time no beauty post, I bet you didn’t see this coming, you thought have forgotten abi??, nahh..😂😂, have just been procrastinating the category. If you missed my last two post, view HERE and HERE. What is mint?  Mint is also known as mentha, and it contains a lot of antioxidants, antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties. Mint leaf is rich menthol, … More 12 Beauty Benefit Of Mint: How To Use Mint Leaves In Your Beauty Applications..

11 Thoughts At 11pm..

Am just here, jejely lying down, thinking, and coincidentally, it’s 11pm. Am thinking… Why on earth did I over-spice my noodles (my dinner, I couldn’t even finish it). I left a typical local dish prepared for me, for noodles, which was toooo sweet and spicy. Lord God..!!!!… Can I sue this my neighbor for noise … More 11 Thoughts At 11pm..