On Becoming Γ— Rhymat Clothiers.

Happy new months guys!!

Yea, I know,😞, it’s bad, have been away for a week, and unlike me, am just wishing you a ‘happy new month’ ten days after, and happy international women’s day after two days, am sorry πŸ™, but it’s better late than never.

Would let you guys know what have being up too lately and why i was away for a week. In the meantime…..*drumroll* on becoming…

On becoming what?, a woman perhaps, and I couldn’t think of any picture/clothe to go with this post than a picture of myself (sorry i couldn’t get any professional pics, and damn, Ogbomosho, Oyo state, Nigeria is damn hot, like at 5:30pm sun still dey shine ) in a dress I was gifted FROM THE CAG BLOGGER’s WORKSHOP 4.

scarletmakeovers.. on becoming

Growing up, I was very very exceptionally different from my siblings, if everyone was going south, I, Oluwaseyi was going north.

Oh!, that girl, she is arrogant, she is proud, she doesn’t know God created her with ass and boobs,she doesn’t look like she knows God or Christ, she looks like omo wobe e.t.c., but who cares!!!, yes!, I have the ‘I don’t care air’ round me always. But they never saw this coming, they were ignorant of what she was, what she is, and what she is becoming.

My sweet sour self,

She won’t let anyone bring her down, she won’t let you tramp trump on her esteem, she won’t let anyone that brings her down remain in her life, treat her like she ah joke, she would be out that door like its really funny.

She won’t settle for any human that treats her disrespectfully, and yes!! She is harsh.

on becoming

Oh yea…

You think you know her well, she is a man wrapper abi?, she na tomboy abi?, she is anti-social shey?, she always got her shit together, her standard is really high abi?; bhet why shouldn’t her standard be high, she’s insecure.

One thing I know about her, she is not an hypocrite, and she holds herself to the same standards, the standard she sets and ones that are there.

rhymat clothier.jpg

She looks like she perfect innit?, super womanπŸ’ͺ, she got her shit together, she doesn’t slack, she’s pretty good at concealing emotions abi?, she can’t possibly make a mistake, she is too calculated and prim, but, forget not!, SHE’S STILL HUMAN.

She still needs support, she still needs her niggas and padi padi. No one sees how terrified she is, no one seems to notice how she’s struggling to stay strong and sane, how she faces the hardest battle, HERSELF!.

All you see is someone that a does not jasi or too spirikoko, that girl that tries to form innocenty, Una Don forget sha ooo, ‘EVERY MAN NA KING FOR HIN OWN LANE’.

on becoming x rehymat clotheir

She got it together and friends don’t think she need any reminder of how beautiful and talented she is. They stay quiet when she’s secretly screaming for their encouragement, when she needs someone to tell her she’s been doing her best and her best is good enough. When she needs them to support her when bullied (adult bullying,smh), when she needs nigga to say, she’s OK in her thick skin, and she doesn’t need weaves, skimpy dresses, expensive make up to be a WOMAN.

All this could be exhausting sometimes to achieve alone, so many things to do alone, is it too much of her to ask for friends not unacquainted- acquainted ‘friends’ (if that actually made any sense).

She has a weakness, she has strengths.

She can’t control the lives of others- but she tries, to make parents proud, tries to blend in to some awkward friends taste, tries not to be ‘scriptural’, tries to always be there when girlfriend has a nasty or ‘childish’ break up, cheering them up, and speaking sense while carefully choosing word so as not to add to the ‘hurt’, tries to be a good homie to dem boiz , the ones who………….

And it drains her, taking care of herself is hard enough-add that to trying to take care of everyone else and it’s a wonder and amazing how she survive.

She has decided not to be what Fela sang “if you call an African woman, woman, she no go gree, she go say ee, she go say I be ladyyy ooo”.

Even though her insecurity might slow her down, they never stop her.

What exactly I was saying here, I don’t know,lol.

So she is ignoring the voices in her head that tells her she so daft, childish, stupid and inexperienced.

She is proud of her skin, face, full lips, big nose, hot legs,mind, thought and dreams-all things that make her who exactly she is.

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She is learning to be stronger, how to love, how to become what she’s destined to be in this world where no one really cares what the f**k happens to her.

She just realized the whole ‘real woman’ was a scam, that what’s best is to be like a flower, don’t compete with other flower just bloom..

She is proud of the way she has grown.

She is a woman, beautiful, despite looks, elegant, graceful, complex, such a paradox and irony, zestful, respectable, ever adapting and changing.

She has become a woman, a gift, a personality and force to be reckoned with.


Who else likes my dress apart from me?, oya, c’mon will you raise that your hand!.

The dress is super comfy, even tho I was skeptical because i considered it short for me, and dress ain’t my thing, but mehnnnnn, I got compliment and stares, even tho some were lustful πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, I still enjoyed the moment, which moment do you think am talking about,hmm, the ‘hottie-hottie’ moment of course,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Dress by Rhymat clothier.. IG handle: @rhymatclothier

Trust me, you would be getting value for your money, request for any clothe/style of your choice. Thank me later.

Ohhhh no, how could I forget to mention my phone-camera man of the day, Lawrence, my favourite OG.

What do you guys think about this post?, are you like me that don’t like wearing dresses that expose your leg?, what do you think about the dress?, is the design too simple for you to rock?.

Share ya thoughts below.


10 thoughts on “On Becoming Γ— Rhymat Clothiers.

  1. Hnnnmmmm. ………. eyi mo ga oooo πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ nice one sha head up stay strong girlπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


  2. I love this post and yeah the whole real woman thingy is a scam. The tall, short, big, small etc everyone is a real woman.
    Nice that you are growing into your own. You owe nobody any explanations.i think as we grow fee a lot we get more comfortable in our skin.
    I used to be so insecure about my looks growing up and when I discovered make up, I never looked back.
    Then I grew up and realised am beautiful because I said so. Not because of make up or because society said so. I dictate how I look, wear what I want, and I don’t care what anyone says any more.
    I don’t use make up or other stuff now and I really don’t care. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww,thank you.
      Yes ooo, everyone is a real woman, curves(flat, round e.t.c) don’t define a woman.

      Now….that’s the spirit am talking about, ‘really don’t care’ as far as you are comfortable in your skin.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey glow glow!!!,😁.
      Am glad you here and I hope you stay.
      And yes, we shouldn’t allow what people say define us, because we are the ones with our lives and nobody is gonna live it for us except us.
      Thanks hun!!😘😘.

      BTW,a lovely blog you have got there, I love love, especially the ones you published on other platform.
      Well done ma.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This is awesome, I love the exposure. In love ❀️ more with all the real women out there, especially my mom and my beautiful sister. Stay strong πŸ’ͺ dear. Miss you so much, Seyi Agric.

    Liked by 1 person

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