At The Boundary Of Your Imagination.

At the boundary of your imagination..(where the hell did this line come from :))

The only limit to your possessing your possession is at the boundary of your imagination.

God didn’t set limits for my life, I did.

The limit I set became the prison I lived in for a year and half.

The only limit I had, was the one I did put on my glorious self.

God was is always a step ahead of my enemies and he stepped into each year before them (my enemy was me and my thoughts; don’t make my mistake). You enemy could be you and your thoughts.

I had wanted to know whom was responsible for most of my troubles, something told me to look at that broken make-up mirror beside me, on my bed, I saw a beautiful Me.

Then I remembered reading somewhere (am a book junkie); there is a little that can withstand a man who can conquer himself. Where on earth did I abandon that little girl I was, who always dream big and was ambitious? (Seriously I was very ambitious, from wanting to be a doctor to nurse, then a mechanical engineer which I later left for farming 😂😂😂, i actually dropped out of medical line,lol). Why didn’t I set boundaries on my thoughts and imaginations?, how come I lost control of my thinking and mind?, I had lost that power and authority unknowingly…#sad.

Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves- to break our yesterdays by today, to do your work with more force than ever before – Stewart Johnson” (I remember re-reading and memorizing this quote,hmm).

 My advice: Do not build up obstacles in your imaginations.

Then I stopped looking at where I was and started looking at where I wanted to be. Note: This isn’t day dreaming (or wasteful day dreaming to say), I didn’t give my imaginations chance to breath and roam again, just to stop there (at imagining), I worked toward it, it was my water for survival. Trust me, nothing happens unless there’s a dream first, whether good or bad. 

Another advice: “Realistic people with practical aims are rarely as realistic or practical in the long-run of life as the dreamers who pursue their dreams” (can’t remember who actually said this quote I just quoted, lol)

I became careful of where I let my mind wander to, because slowly, my words and actions follow it.

Have you ever thought of how people kill?, first, it starts with their imaginations, then they communicate it with their mind, then they start saying it, like play like play, they end up doing it, then it becomes a part of them.

Set boundaries on your imaginations and thoughts.

Our best friends and worst enemies are the thought we have about ourselves..

When you have a dream, your mind will be your biggest enemy, you need to tame it and set boundaries, condition it.

My parents always sang (they are still singing it sha..😐) something into my brain that stuck…your destiny, your life is in your hands!!!.

You may succeed if nobody believes in you, but you will never succeed if you don’t believe in yourself.

“Seyi Seyi!!!, seyi the dreamer!!!, my sisterly!!!, you will get there, don’t worry” – teased my sister, 😂😂😂.

Whatever you say, you become.

You are a reflection of what you think and imagination.

Don’t let your imaginations run wild, if at all it’s gonna run wild (mine runs extremely wild 😂😂) let it be in a positive way.

So I drew a line on what I allowed my mind imagine or think, my mind is the greatest gift and asset HE gave me. The power to be anything, to get rich start from your mind.

Who feel like this post is veryyyy long?, because I do. Its 3:15am in the morning, and these are my thoughts, wowww, did I just write this long post, Jesu kristi.

Bottom line: Am super proud of what I became 😇🙌💪.

By the way I found the small girl I lost in me,lol.

So if you missed my first post on thought after dusk, not to worry, click here.

Your truly..


(Did anyone noticed I started using my name instead of scarlet, I know I know, I use my name for only this category, who Rilly cares???,lol)

Now am talking to much.


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