The Purpose Of Life

Are you stumbling towards an uncertain future? You can predict your future by the awareness you have of your unique purpose. Too many people know what they are running from, but not what they are running to. First, concentrate on finding purpose, then concentrate on fulfilling it. Having a powerful why will provide you with … More The Purpose Of Life

Motivate Yourself.!!

Of course, we are all used to ‘finding motivation’, ‘looking up to people for motivations’. But there’s need be for motivating yourself. A friend and I went out, to cool off, during the course of our chat, she stated something about being around a particular person because that person motivates her, in her words ‘ you … More Motivate Yourself.!!

Do more.

Do more than exist, live. Do more than hear, listen. Do more than talk, communicate. Do more than agree, cooperate. Do more than grow, bloom. Do more than spend, invest. Do more than work, excel. Do more than share, give. Do more than decide, discern. Do more than consider, commit. Do more than help, serve. … More Do more.

Invest Your Pain

Happy Sunday guys!! Pain pain pain!!!!  Sweet pain!! Life is a battlefield and it was a cross that gave birth to the crown. What does not kill you will make you stronger. Life is full of ups and downs, painful moments and joyful moments. You must learn to invest your pain and not waste it.  Pain … More Invest Your Pain