The Versatile Blogger Award.


I was nominated  awarded with this title the versatile blogger’ last week, and the words of the presenter really stuck me.

Her words, (I paraphrase): ‘I tag ‘seyi because she truly deserve this award, she is truly a versatile blogger, she touches on different topics that’s relatable and real’. (OK,I added my own words😝).

Thanks to Ebun of WanShyGirl for the tag, am pleased.


  • Write a word of thanks to the blogger who tagged you and leave links to their blog.
  • Share 7 fun facts about you.
  • Choose at least 15 bloggers who deserve your word of encouragement and nominate them.
  • Send words to the talented blogger whom you nominated, link their blogs and encourage them in their creativity.


  1. There is no fun fact about me.
  2. I have weird phobias. (Check HERE)
  3. I love make-up artistry and photography.
  4. I am a ‘HOPEFUL’ being…..I hope one day I will make mommy proud.
  5. Am not a complex being neither am I complicated. (Is that a fun fact?)
  6. I love traveling (have not past the boundaries of Nigeria tho, Lagos,Ogun and Oyo states to be precise. I hope to pass this boundaries tho…brings us back to no4: Seyi is a HOPEFUL being).
  7. I don’t give a f**k about people’s opinions about how I should live my life or dress as a female specie. (That should be a fun fact😁)

Bloggers I choose to tag for this award.

  1. The pearly Life.
  2. LipglossMaffia
  3. Joan Akob
  4. Amaka
  5. Enigma
  6. Peri

I do not have words of encouragement for my tagged blogger apart from the fact that they all inspire me in one way or the other.

SisterBisi, your name suppose dey that list, but ‘they say, you don’t tag the creator of a thing’ (that’s my own proverb 😁😁).

Thank you!


7 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award.

    1. We share something in common…whoop! Whoop!!🎉
      I like your hair☺
      And you truly one ‘versatile’ blogger I love/stalk,lol.
      Get me some gold from Dubai too..*wink wink*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha thank you for the kind compliments!! I’m glad you like my hair and blog ❤️😘 and dw I’ll hook you up with gold when I have loads of money and go to Dubai next 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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