Why I’ve been away + Random stuffs

Hey beautiful people..!!

Phew.!!, it been uhmmmm….2weeks and 5days since my Last post, and a lot of things has gone down in that space of time and yea, I owe you, my people, some explanation.

Before I start off, let me say a big thank you for everyone that checked on me and dropped a message. I see you, hmmhmm, my Ebun the WanShyGirl, thanks babes, pop was interesting innit?, hope you haff  packed your load?, high school teacher edition is gone..😁. SisterBisi, God bless you, and everyone who sticked around, oya chop kiss 😘😘😘.

As stated earlier, many many things happened while I was away (not blogging/ what stopped me from blogging).

1. Exam Fever I don’t know if you guys know about this syndrome/situation, when its exams period, student are always broke, like, can we just finish this exams and be going home, we have suffered enough?. Can anyone relate to this?, the ‘fever’ is everywhere once is exam period/end of semester.

So I would say ‘owu blow me’, because I could blog while have series of exams to write at the same time, so the time I could use to use to blog, I used it to sleep jare, ‘end of semester’ wahala caught me.

2. I was physically abused :

So, after walking away from my exams like…


I ended up in a frustrated animal claws, yea, I said ‘animal’, because any male who raise his hands to hit a lady is no longer a man but an animal.

I was badly beaten by a student who claims to be our senior, he has spent about 8years in the university, so he has become a mini god we have to worship in the hostel.

Like this animal used a stick to hit me till it broke, he took another stick again, used it on me, just because of what?, am a lady and I have no strength to fight back, he even threaten to hit me with his belt if I didn’t fetch him water, and of course, I refused.

Now, don’t ask me what I did to this dude, because I did nothing, yes, absolutely nothing, and I speak truth and nothing but the truth, he even used the water I fetched!!, and still insisted I should fetch him water again.

Well, I wouldn’t blame him, it was me that carried my two fat legs to my friend hostel (it all happened in my friends hostel), if I had stayed in my own house maybe none of this would have happened.

Even after the Man ‘o’ War came and gave him little beating, took him with me to the security unit of the school, wrote statement, blah blah blah,I was taken to the health center for treatment, then all those nurses started begging, ‘oh please, forgive him’, ‘you know he has spent 8years in the school, if he faces panel he would be expelled, and this is the last semester in school, let him just go’, blah blah blah blah!!l! Nigerian will not stopped being Nigerians with the whole ‘ let God fight the fight’.

The guy didn’t apologize tho, but he was given so ‘outside school’ beating. *wink wink*  Then I left the fight for God to fight😊.

Basically, I think that’s all, yea, that’s all that happened. I had to nurse my wounds, go to meetings because an official of the school wanted us to settle the case amicably and the guy should apologize to me.

Mehnnn, I was badly beaten, I wish I could get the photos from the cadet officer that took my photos, my boobs were swollen, my side/waist ache badly, I even got a wound there, now am looking for remedies to clear all this cane marks on my body😞.

So, now, AM BACK, and I promise/hope to never go a week without posting something here.

I planned so so many things for this blog last month, but they didn’t actualize, part of which was to get hosted and get my domain. How has your plan/goals been?, have you been able to tick off anything on that list?.

BTW, am totally opened to any post ooo, not only inspirations and beauty tips. I got a request from a blog reader to do posts on relationship, dating tips e.t.c, but am the least person that can talk about relationship or romantic love, but if you send in an article on that, be sure that I would post it, adebayoseyi91@gmail.com holla!

Thank you..

Don’t forget to catch me on Instagram and Facebook.

I heart you guys a lot.

8 thoughts on “Why I’ve been away + Random stuffs

  1. If not for his condition as per last semester in school… I wouldn’t have suggested forgiveness, I mean who beats a woman? Later they’ll say enemies are after them, meanwhile they’ve done unheard of things in the past. Sorry dear.


  2. Are you serious. Someone actually beat you? Waoh! And he’s not even remorseful. SMH. That guy has got problems oh. And he thinks eight years in university is the problem he has.
    What did I want to say sef? I can’t process my thoughts. Hope you are fine now.
    Welcome back.


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