Currently I don’t know which word is best to describe my feelings this days, because there are numerous words, with numerous feelings, and am just looking for just one word and I findeth not!! .

I don’t even know how to introduce this post (but I did yea?), words for the title sef (I still found the word yea??), what word/sentence should I use to greet my readers???, so I’m skipping it abi??.

Why is it hard to find the right word or sentence at the right moment that goes with your feelings.

What I feel this days is somehow somehow, and that particular word to tag this my ‘somehow somehow’ feeling is nowhere to be found.

I have so many things I want to blog about, but why is it doing me ‘hard’ to blog, I could always create time to blog you know.

So where did my mojo go?. Where did all the motivation go?, has that charm baba God gave me expired Ni??

I don’t want to put blame on anyone or economy with this feeling that is doing me?.

Am just stressed out, under pressure, dissatisfied, disappointed, craving love, lusting love, hating love, I want to die a peaceful death, I want a peaceful life, men are scum, men are sweet-ass, girlfriends are annoying and stressful, but I really need one in my life😁.

What’s all this bullshit am feeling self?!!😬😬.

I don’t club, all I want now is to terrrrrrrnnnnnnnn upppp. Confidence in God be like 💯💯💯, devil be trying, and am like…confusion???, does the devil wants to play with my mind or what?, am past that stage nigga!!!.

OK, so i planned to do a post today, next thing am feeling blank, next minute am writing this post rants.

Do people go through this too?, like, your feelings is just here and there, to much adrenaline gushing, too much emotions???, moments when you can’t put words together, you can’t make a sane sentence??.

By the way, who the hell invented/brought the idea of ‘EXAMINATION’. 

Why are people bad?, why do loyal people get hurt the most?, why can’t your so-called friends appreciate ya?, why must somebody work for money sef?.  And why do guys don’t just go straight to the point, why do they keep sending mixed signals???, when you are not a girl faaaaaa!!.

Is it truly annoying to be around loud people???, am naturally loud, like God just decided to put a loudspeaker in my throat, chineke why?? 😭😭😭.

So now, am deciding/thinking, should I publish this post?, or trash it?.

Abi am I going through some psychology something Ni???

Ramblings ramblings ramblings



7 thoughts on “Feelings….

  1. Baby girl calm down. You already hit publish so you’re definitely not trashing nothing. We all get the blues at times. Just be moody and having mixed feelings and you can’t even explain it. Writing actually helps. Listening to music actually helps me too or I just look at pictures of fun times I’ve had in the past and I feel better or I call my family because I really can’t deal with girlfriend drama too. I hope by the time you get this you’ll be a whole lot better. Be good baby girl and all the best in your exams.

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    1. WanShyGirl! WanShyGirl!! WanShyGirl!! (Chanting continues…)
      Thanks babe, but I was just listening to music and crying, so I just stopped listening to music. But am a lot Berra now, and I murdered that exams, and I pray they don’t murder my gp tho😂😂.
      Thanks hunnay!😘😘

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  2. How are you dear?
    Don’t allow anything get you down. Believe it or not a lot of people have these moments so i
    You aren’t alone in this. It will pass. This wil pass, ok.

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