Why should you watch your thoughts?

Your thought(s) is the powerhouse of your life, it either makes you or mars you. – Adebayo ‘Seyi.

It’s the beginning of another new week, and gradually the year is nearing its end.

  • Thoughts are raw materials to build image.
  • Thoughts produce happenings.
  • Thoughts produces life and death.
  • Thoughts are powerful.

These are importance of your thoughts.

Any image you form in your mind/thoughts right now, or at the beginning concerning this year, is what will follow you to the end. Once the images are formed it is hard takes a lot of work to wipe them off, either good or bad.

The battles of life are won or lost in your thoughts. There is a reason why the bible says “as a man thinketh, so he is” and why they say “to be big, you have to think big” .

Our thoughts are very very important.

There is need to pay attention to that small and tiny voice sitting in your heart, it could be the next big thing, and it could either break you or make you.

Ohhh!, you think it’s not important?, it can’t happen?, your thoughts cannot become reality?, your thoughts can’t hunt you or get out of control?, nobody sees your thoughts?.

OK, let me burst your bubbles, God sees your thoughts, the devil also sees your thoughts!!, and your thoughts is an useful instrument in Gods hands and the devil.

When you think victory, you would have victory no matter how long it takes!.

Thoughts of fear, of losing your spouse, of not passing an exam, of you not getting that your desired job e.t.c, could produce these happenings. When I realized this truth, it was my first step of redemption from negativity, I started checking my thoughts, paid attention to every little voice, if it’s a bad voice, I didn’t waste time in casting down such a thought.

” CASTING DOWN” is a military word, and it’s different from the word ‘take down’. It means “a strong violent will to dislocate another”, in fact the original Greek means “to demolish with violence”.

You might think, na fight, yes!, na fight, if you understand the powers behind your thoughts, you would know your ‘thoughts’ should be regularly checked and shouldn’t be littered with garbage!.


“Wrong thoughts are as bad as demons”!!

” Life’s battle don’t always go to the stronger or faster man, but sooner or later, the man who wins is the mam who thinks  he can”- Napoleon Hill

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11 thoughts on “Why should you watch your thoughts?

  1. A really deep post, I think I learnt something today, thank you. Am going to a process of changing my thoughts nw, do you mind if I sent you a mail?
    #awaiting your response

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  2. I agree with you on this topic. I realised that whenever I think positively no matter how tough the situation gets; the thing always ends well. I always try to banish every evil or negative thought by saying these words: “do you think God brought you this far with so many accomplishments just to see you fail? No! If he brought you this far with no stress at all, He will see you through and no matter what, things will work in your favour.” It always work, and I just ignore the situation and leave it for God who never let’s me down πŸ™β€

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    1. That’s the spirit babe,😊, the bestest way to tackle negativity is to rebuke it immediately. God doesn’t bring you to a certain stage and leave you, always proclaim positive thing to yourself and bless yourself too. And sure God can’t let you down.
      Am glad you agreed with the topic, thanks for stopping by madam ‘mystery’ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

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