Oh my!! || Did I Just Kill A Living Thing??.

This happened about a few minutes ago, and am hysterical about it.

I JUST KILLED A LIVING CREATURE!!!!… My worst enemy tho, I should be happy about it, but am not, because of the way I murdered the creature.

First of, I hate hate hate with passion rats, big small medium, I hate them all, they just send shivers down my spine. Last nite, I went to get water to drink, and I saw this little disrespectful being in my basket of PLANTAIN!!!!!!, fast forward to today, I made sure I washed the body of the plantain well well (I know am not eating the body aka epo but for me to eat that plantain in peace without thinking of how one dirty rat like DAT was dancing around my plantain, I had to wash biko ) before cooking.

Now, this nite, I wanted to pee, as I was going to the toilet, I knew they were around again, not to far from me, I could feel its body movement, fear fear me jumped, I jumped only for me to land my leg on something, like my leg crushed something. Alas!!, I had crushed the rat head, I saw some few stains of blood, I never wanted to believe I just killed a rat, FOR THE FIRST IN MY LIFE!!!!, like I dey always miss target ni. I went to pee, came back to check the rat with the hope that it must have gotten up and run away.

To my disappointment, it was lying there, shaking like it has just been affected by epilepsy, finally, it died. 

I felt disgusted, like ewwwww, iyama yama, my foot?!!!!, I took a very handful of detergent, scrub that particular foot that crushed its brain, I scrubbed it RED!!!.

Finally, I buried the rat 6ft beneath my toilet, down into the socaway (please is that how its spelt, is it an English word sef ), I poured sand water on it.

Goodbye creepy, I hope you rot in hell!!!!


9 thoughts on “Oh my!! || Did I Just Kill A Living Thing??.

    1. Seriously,๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚, people do abuse me, when they see me jumping like a saw a snake, and according to them, its just a RAT!.


      1. Exactly, all crawling and creepy creatures. The rats are just disrespectful, u keep bread somewhere, they go and eat it. Kept milk inside a bag, u won’t believe they chop the bag, chop the milk.!!!.

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  1. Lol. We don become experts for killing cockroach. Rats though! I can’t. But I can set out gum and poison for them. Na cockroach and ant my killing a.k.a bashing my expertise stop. Lol.
    The night I saw a snake in my room, I was petrified even though it was a small one. I don’t know how I managed to call my sister, because her room was nearest. She then killed it.


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