Help || Before Anxiety Kills Me!!

I can’t believe am writing this post, but as they say, concerning anxiety, “share whatever is making you anxious or feel uneasy, it helps you overcome the fear”.

Guys, am super nervous, and it’s insane, tch, I know whatcha thinking, especially those who knows me on a coded level,😁, ” how can she be nervous, this one ke, she’s not shy, she doesn’t have self-esteem problem, 100% omo ita, complete extrovert, wetin dey make am anxious” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

The truth is I still this.., what can I call it sef, Nervousness or a problem with anxiety or wah?.

Here’s the gist..

Tomorrow am having a job to do, which am super nervous about, and it’s not like this is the first time am doing that job, but am kinda scared, like what if it doesn’t come out well like the last one, would they like it?, can I still do this thing very well?.

Abeg, you guys should include me in your prayers tonight and tomorrow most especially, thank you.

Secondly, I have a workshop to attend on Sunday, theΒ CAG blogger’sΒ workshop, and am overly overly super anxious about it, that I think I might have a nervous break down, seriously am not exaggerating, am might just have a break down.

Here’s why:

  1. I have never attended any such event before.
  2. Meeting new (amazing bloggers) people is somehow somehow for me, that awkward moment when you meet an online personality.
  3. Yes!, I know amma Ladokite, and intimidation we condone not, and I know, it’s a workshop not a meet and greet event, but damn!!!!, I feel intimidated already, and I don’t know why, because I shouldn’t be.
  4. Now, dress code, there’s no dress code!!!!,😭😭😭, I don’t even know what to wear, when I look at the past events hosted by them and other agencies, the attendees (I.e the bloggers), they are always this lowkey #pepperdemgang with the air of class, elegance yet simple. When I look at my tomboy filled wardrobe, I weep for moi!!, I don’t want to go there, dressed like a nigga-nigga, or what that American female rapper name again oooo, yes!!, Missy Eliot!, they said, dress comfortable, what if my mood that day is Missy’s type.
  5. They will take photos here and there, even group photos sef, and that’s another problem for me, shey I will na say am not ya fΓ²tΓ³ Ni? (Would I say am not partaking in the photo session Ni). To snap personal picture sef, na wahala, *sighs* it is well.
  6. I don’t know jare.

Between, this is totally unrelated tho..

Is anybody with me?, because am so πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹, and if you gonna be cuddling and be all mushy mushy, don’t forget to gist me us about it, share your story onΒ Facebook. And if you want to spread this season’s love to me, what I want for val is a smartphone and a camera shikena.

So, I think have ranted enough, and I feel relived a bit, I hope I don’t get a twisted tongue on Sunday, or a crooked hand Β tomorrow.

I would gist you guys about it, how it all went down, and how am going yagazie-emezi on them on Sunday (that lady is my role model), Yagazie, I hope you find this post/this blog, I love you to the moon and back, no homo, I love your hair, your street style, and you photography skills πŸ’•β€πŸ’™, and I hope to see you on day, my #wce .

See ya soon…



Don’t forget me in your prayers ooo.

Am open to suggestion on what to wear on sunday!

16 thoughts on “Help || Before Anxiety Kills Me!!

  1. Anxiety and a strange feeling is some what normal though, but you have to learn to do new things every day, its very important…

    Dress well, at least u are a lady, look your best… Only that I wish I am available to go with you, but all the same, the holyspirit teaches us all things that’s what the bible says, pray to God, he will grant you utterance.

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  2. You are going to be just fine. It’s normal to be a bit anxious especially when it’s out of your comfort zone.
    Just tell yourself you are going to slay anytime those thoughts come. Don’t over think it.
    As per the blogger thingy, I would be nervous too but eventually I would wear something nice,(as an attire that other people at home must have agreed with me that it’s nice oh) and go have fun. Who is to say they wouldn’t live your Missy Elliott style anyway? Just be yourself.

    The time I was accused falsely

    You are not holier than me

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    1. Haa,Little black dress ke???, I don’t even have a nice wearable dress. I later wore one of my ‘office-wear'(pants and ‘office’ top), that serious kindof look naa,lol, wore a scandal, so as not to look too serious.
      Thanks babe.
      BTW..’Je Suis MuslimΓ©’???, what’s you name?😁


  3. Hehehe you really need to see the big grin on my face while reading this. Im like seriously are you for real? But seriously you were really composed and actually one of the coolest persons i met at the workshop.
    Concerning the picture aspect lemme just say thank you for allowing me take pictures of you (after so much persuasion lol) will be spamming your mailbox soon.
    By the way Great write up!

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    1. Thanks Adoorah, *am blushing*,never knew I was that cool,thank you for the pictures too.
      Please, spam my box ooo, I would gladly appreciate it.
      Am looking forward to launching your own blog too..
      Thanks hun!

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  4. Lol… Babe you’re just like me sometimes. I can relate to the nervousness and anxiety issues, I just blogged about it in my recent post. I wish I saw this post earlier. Well I hope the event turned out well for you and I want to see pictures oooo. I’m sure you did well 😘

    WanShyGirl ❀


    1. Yea,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,as in ehnnn,the kind nervousness wey struck me, no be here, was sighting @afrodame aka Vicky ‘o’ from afar, buh I couldn’t go up to her. I just dey observe everyone from afar. As soon as I get the pictures, you wee see my own version of the event and a pray I don’t get ‘star-strucked’ when I see you ohh.
      Thanks babe

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      1. Awwwwww it’s fine. With time you’ll adjust and be free with people. I’m glad you went sha πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Waiting on the pictures πŸ˜‰


    1. Yea! Yea!! Yea!!, sup sup sup??, you welcome! You welcome!! You welcome homie.!! Your nigga is proud to have you here, drop in next time.
      Thanks honey😘😘😘


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