Be Inspired: Taiwo ‘Tai’ Solarin.

“I am the master of my fate, i am the captain of my soul” – William Ernest Henley.

He was born Augustus Taiwo Solarin, and his from Ikenne-Remo, Ogun state, Nigeria.

On thing that struck me most about this man life is….

We all know Mayflower school, don’t we?, and we do know that this prestigious school was founded by Dr. Tai solarin (of blessed memory), but the story behind the school is what intrigues me.

Tai solarin was once a principal of Molusi College, ijebu-igbo, Nigeria, in 1956, but the truth is, he was forced to resign his appointment (you know that scenario whereby, people frustrate you, your efforts, to a point where you just have to let go willingly ) on the account of his religious beliefs.

Yet he had no idea where he was going. But one thing he knew: he had a new beginning and an idea.

His resignation was a set back, which lead to the set up of one of the greatest school in Nigeria, and you know what’s more interesting about this self-acclaimed atheist story, he started the school with planks and woods!!.

And this school has produced great politicians, professionals, even men of God, e.g Pastor W.F Kumuyi, the founder of the deeper life bible church, who claims to have learnt discipline partly from him(Tai).

So you see it doesn’t matter, what tribe you are, religion or belief, there is a way you impart other people lives.

I heard someone complaining about something saying: “every person, every motivational book has the same thought- start where you are!, and where I dey so, no money”, and this is the most ridiculous jargons have ever heard!.

If you check the history of every successful person, they all had different struggles, worst than what ever you are passing through sef, but the had one thing in common- they started small, they started where they were, they stopped postponing project ideas!!.

The same year Tai solarin resigned, the same year he started his school, with planks and wood, and the students weren’t even up to a hundred. Despite all his struggles with the Nigerian government then, he still made it.

You (including myself, am guilty too) might be thinking, ‘i need finance’, or ‘ I need a more comfortable time and place’ but the truth is, we don’t need it most times.

Something I read from somewhere says  Never wait for a convenient time! Make yourself right and your time will be right “.

Start where you are!.

Use what you have!!.

Do what you can!!!.

And the summary of your life will be: Little steps, big achievements.

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