The Law Of Constant Movement.

Happy Monday.!!

The law of constant movement is equivalent to the ‘physics of life’, and you must realize that the law of constant movement is important to all creation, including man.

The law of motion states that “whatever is not regenerating (progressing) will degenerate (regress).

Now, I think what I call ‘the law of constant movement’ should be more clear and understandable now.

A bird that attains a certain height and wishes to remain there can only do so if it continue to flap its wings.

As soon as any human get to any/certain height of his road of progress and does not stir himself to further heights, like a bird, he/she must fall.

Not everybody that likes or is comfortable with their present position, I for one, am NOT comfortable with where I am (small geh with big dreams😁), between, a NORMAL human being can never be comfortable with a certain stage of his/her life, economics said it all ” human wants are insatiable “.

As the law of motion says, we need to keep progressing (not matter how little the progress is) else we would regress. You need to keep updating your thoughts too (think big and work). Someone said  if your thoughts are not updated, your life becomes outdated”. 

Determine to keep moving, they said “if your can’t walk, crawl”, just make sure you are moving!.

The year is still young, set those goals you’ve been lazing about (I just did mine about 1week ago, and I just started working towards it, I know it hard, trust me!), write them down, let it be your motto every morning.

It’s hard not to be discouraged, but never allow discouragement, keep working, keep believing, be constant, keep praying, yes, DO NOT FORGET THE GOD FACTOR!.

Until you move, the red sea won’t divide.


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