Motivate Yourself.!!

Of course, we are all used to finding motivation’, ‘looking up to people for motivations’. But there’s need be for motivating yourself.

A friend and I went out, to cool off, during the course of our chat, she stated something about being around a particular person because that person motivates her, in her words  you can’t be around XX, without you being motivated’, and as a unserious person I was/am, I just started laughing, uncontrollably, and I was like  shoo, see this babe oo, na because of motivation, u bin like persin, seriously????, that’s why you love being around XX, babe, cack up, you better motivate yourself ‘.

On a more serious note, it was actually very funny to me.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing, absolutely NOTHING wrong with being with people who inspires you, infact, am all for being with people who makes you think BIG, ditch mediocre people.!

But it will get to a stage in your life (everyone experience this stage), when all motivational/inspiration book becomes lifeless and smelly to you, when you are at your lowest and there’s no one to do the motivation for you, then you become more shattered, what do you do then?.

We all need to learn how to motivate ourselves, pull ourselves through every situation we find us in, because most times people you look up to, people who inspires you, might just not be there to motivate you anymore, moreover, we shouldn’t cast all our cares on any human being (sometimes the motivator needs motivation ).

The bible describes David as a Man After God’s heart”, he is also a personality who also stole my heart, there is so much to learn from David’s life.

You see, at different point, David encouraged himself, even in situations where all hope was lost, his men were against him, no one was there to encourage him, he encouraged himself.

Guys, we (including myself) have to learn the Act Of Self-Motivation, and there are no guidelines or laid down rules for motivating yourself. It’s just all about looking inward and gathering strength from yourself.
Be encouraged and courageous.

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