#WCW: BV Peaceful Peace.

Hi guys…

Happy new month..

So today, hmmm, this won’t be a series YET, but I just want to take time and appreciate a blog reader, friend, sister from another mother e.t.c. 😁.

Remember when I put up a post about how FURSTRATED I was about this blog, 7mins into uploading the post, I got a call, from who?, from Miss Peace, telling me what?.

Me: Good afternoon.

Peace: Good afternoon Seyi, how are you?

Me: Am fine, you?, how is everything?

Peace: What’s wrong?, I just saw you post now, I understand your struggles but…

Me: (as a strong head I was), Its just frustrating, I keep trying and trying….blah blah blah, am going to delete the blog.

Peace: Seriously, you don’t have too, I understand you, but do you know how many people you inspire?…….e.t.c

You guys can guess the concluding part naa, 😂😂.

Look her her..😍😍

Then I went to stalk her page for much picture…😁😁.

Sooo….that’s all.

I also want to thank dammy of lifeofdammy and WanShyGirl

So, let’s pour gin on the rest of month in this year, and I hope I would make blog reading awesome for you guys.

Thank you.

Until next time.
PS: my new slogan now is henceforth let no man trouble me, including wordpress, for I bear in my body, mark of determination, patient, success and mark of my Lord Jesus Christ”.

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