WordPress wants to kill my soul..!

Hi guys!!

I know have wronged you, have being away for a week now, but am really sorry. I don’t know if am frustrated or depressed about this blog or my life.

First, promoting post is a lot of work, and I don’t have money to pay to promote (it is said that as a blogger, if you want to increase blog view, you must at least pay to promote), and that is frustrating.

OK, I tried setting up a pop-up email subscription using mailchimp, after a lot of error and trial (don’t blame my ignorance, it’s not physics or chemistry), i sha succeeded; OK ooo, I was expecting a nice drop-in, like the ones you see when you log on to those popular blog, but HELL NO!!!, the thing was just stagnant up, making my ugly blog look more uglier.

Again, a friend, Emete of liveinibadan , told me I needed a blog theme, I needed to change my blog feel, of which she was right, I was beginning to get bored with this old theme, OK, so I decided to change my theme, tried out the free blog theme on wordpress, I change the blog theme up to three times this morning,:twisted:, the theme I liked most wasn’t responsive for small device, you can’t view it with opera mini,😭😭😭😭, I decided to go back to my old theme,SELA.

Now, customizing SELA again is a really big problem, like why can’t wordpress make their terms simpler and everything, I changed the fonts, but when I view with opera mini, the change isn’t effect, but on google chrome, it is.

Why why why?????

Everything is just hard, annoying, and depressing. I don’t have cash to hire a professional web designer, I don’t even have money to get a domain name yet(I don’t think I will eventually get, because I might just stop blogging).

OK, they say, interact with other bloggers, comment on their blog, blah blah blah, which i do/did (shout out to my blogger friends by the way, you guys make me smile😘😘😘), am an avid blog reader, even before I ventured on this blogging stuff, but my blog reading was limited, like I was faithful to the blogs I read, now being a blogger, a got to know many blogs and bloggers. They expect you to read, drop a comment if possible with your link, but they never click on that link you dropped.

But you come on my platform, drop your fucking link, I take my precious time to read, not scan Oo, read about the post you dropped in your link.

Now, to the agencies…

On Instagram (you better follow me, I won’t flood you TL with pic of ferns and tree,😂😂, @dee_iromi), I got to know about the Thebloggerpoint, they described themselves as a company ‘connecting bloggers with brand’, seriously am not seeing theirs usefulness, they only post pictures of ‘ghen ghen’ blogger I.e the top notch bloggers, there’s nothing to inspire me on their page, and most of all the post are about style and fashion blogger, they keep tabs on top bloggers, but never follow us the new blogger, and its frustrating.

If you are connecting blogger with brands, you should specify that’s its only ‘fashion bloggers’ , nobody is talking about the real lifestyle bloggers, student blogger, fitness blogger e.t.c, and it is typically annoying.

I read okotoenigma advice I.e blogging tips, am quite impressed but, have tried harder.

I don’t even know what to say anymore sef.

I might not do this anymore because am not understanding, and 


I just want to inform my loyal readers ahead, so when you don’t receive my mails, you won’t be worked up, but heyyyy…you can still send that mail, I will respond.

Yours truly..


19 thoughts on “WordPress wants to kill my soul..!

  1. Hi Seyi,
    Wow someone is angry. I can totally relate to the WordPress issues, bloggers that don’t reciprocate visiting and yes, The bloggerpoint seems to favour some particular fashion bloggers. Even me that I have been following for almost a year, they don’t post my stuffs. Are you in Ibadan? Is it possible we meet perhaps I could put you through the popup thing and a new blog theme?

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    1. Seriously, the thing is getting to me.
      As for the blogger point, I Don unfollow, no time.
      Awww dammy, am not in Ibadan yet, I want to attend the CAG workshop before traveling (I might still change my mind sha).
      Come to think of it, you are on my ‘to-see’ list ooo, blogger or no blogger, I had plan to hook up with you when in ib.
      I would let you know beforehand when am in IB, because I really dig your pop-up and your blog theme.

      Thanks Dammy..😘😘😘😘

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  2. Hey babes calm down. You’re actually making me laugh here. These things take time. If we were in the same area I’d definitely volunteer to assist, find time to hook up with Dami so she can help she’s totally wayyyy skilled than I am sef. Promoting is something you can do yourself if you dedicate time to it its not easy but it can be done. Make good use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YES! Whatsapp. About the Instagram ish u don’t have to put up trees and all to have a followership, put up stuff related to your blogging niche, put up fun photos too so your audience can connect to you. I’ve actually never seen your face this can limit blog stats if the audience can’t connect with the blogger. I have so much to say sef. Okay it’s true that some so called agencies favour bloggers but this shouldn’t discourage you keep posting, keep promoting you’ll get recognized eventually. So bottle up the anger, keep reaching out and educating yourself. YOU’LL GET THERE BABES.
    P. S – You can DM me via IG let’s talk more ☺

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    1. Awww, thank you, I would definitely see her.
      Everything is just sad noni, I slept around 3am that night without accomplishing anything (waste of mbπŸ˜₯).
      About Instagram, I was just joking about the trees jare (since that’s the ish, trees and flowersπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚).
      About my picture, my sister, am still praying and fasting faa, am too shy to stand in front of the camera, even my friends on WhatsApp complain I never use my pictures.
      Thank you so much, I was frustrated noni jare, have read so many blogging tips, articles e.t.c, mostly they are non-nigerian bloggers (which really helped when i was started this blogging stuff) that’s why am just pissed off with the agencies.
      Amen!! 😁.
      Thank you so much, mΓ³ appreciation yin gann Ni .

      Would slide in your DM…πŸ˜€

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  3. It is hard getting visitors on the blog. You need to understand your blog purpose and write interesting posts.

    I have never been about the number of blog visitors, so I don’t think I would pay to promote content.

    All the best, it takes a number of years for most bloggers to get to that top.

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    1. Hmmmm, you’hv got a point there Lara, but am just new to blogging, and one of the advice I got mostly was ‘PAY TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG’, so I just took it, since they have been there.
      I am not bothered about blog visitors, mostly I read my posts, and there are still some post that hasn’t got any views, am not too bothered, it’s just the technicality of wordpress that’s killing me (like,cant i just write in peace) and have read and still reading about it.
      Thank you Lara


  4. Someone is angry…lol.. I feel your pain. Send me a message on IG. All let’s to sort all your problems out.
    P:S – You don’t have to spend money to promote. At least for now. Just send me a message. I actually doing a free blog design and free consultation giveaway for my 2 years anniversary.
    You going to be alright. It takes time but you’d get a hang of it

    2 Years Blogniversary + A Giveaway for you!!!
    27 Valentine’s Day Blog Post Ideas and content for February

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  5. Well, you are on a free wordpress, you have actually not started on the real wordpress, i told you the other day, that blogging for fun is quiet different from blogging for money, for instance, to continue banking my $3,000 from Blogging, i have gat to follow certain principles that works for BUSINESS BLOGGING, and besides, who told you paying for traffic is the way to go?
    Your problem is not people not following up on links you drop, your Problem is that, you don’t seems to realize that ‘Search Engine is actually the Most Reliable and Incredible Traffi source for bloggers, instead of writing out your mind this way, go learn or come and learn!

    I was trying to put you through some stuffs the other day, but when i saw that you are difficult and a lot more adamant, i had to just leave you..

    I hope you will go learn the right thing, the right way and redefine your purpose and motive behind blogging now, frustrated in whatsoever endeavors of life is primarily a product of Ignorance, the SEO aspect of blogging can not be neglected, and if you continue to be on this platform, i assure you in 1years, you will park off blogging, * Talking from Experience*

    Anyway, i keep fingers cross, make i dey watch u small small, 5years experience no be joke!

    Any blogger that complain of Traffic, Theme and all that, is still ignorant of what works that’s it.


    1. OK.
      I never said I wanted ‘business blogging’, neither did I state anywhere that I did not know about SEO or plugins, or stated I that I was told to pay for TRAFFIC, there is no such thing as paying for traffic, I SAID PROMOTE, which everyone does including jumia,konga,banks e.t.c..


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