11 Thoughts At 11pm..

Am just here, jejely lying down, thinking, and coincidentally, it’s 11pm.

Am thinking…

  1. Why on earth did I over-spice my noodles (my dinner, I couldn’t even finish it). I left a typical local dish prepared for me, for noodles, which was toooo sweet and spicy.
  2. Lord God..!!!!… Can I sue this my neighbor for noise pollution, without being labelled as bad belle or lose out in the court case. This my particular next compound neighbors’ generator (no be ‘I pass my neighbor Oo’, as in, a big noisy gen., it has been on since morning, and this how they operate everyday, except if there is NEPA light.
  3. Since I stumbled on funkeolotu blog post about commando (not wearing underwear), have been seriously thinking about it, and people seems to enjoy it, so I want to enjoy what they are enjoying 😂😂😂. I still putting my heart and liver together, still summoning the courage, to go pant-less and braless without always thinking that, that boy or girl is look at my swaying ass and analysing my boobs shape 😆😂.
  4. How do I make more money?
  5. Thinking about travelling.
  6. What hair style to make next?
  7. Wondering if I could ever rock the cold shoulder trend, as my shoulder is infested with annoying tiny pale faded color of stretch marks, bringing me back to ‘which style can I sow with all this Ankara now sef?’.
  8. I can’t wait to get rid of this belly fat, and see the outcome of my 30days squat challenge, all thanks to Funke (am seriously crushing on this chic content, Keyword: Content. No homo,lol). Did I tell you guys, have started my squats back??.
  9. I need to drop this device now and go and pee, would come back and continue typing, before I wee-wee for body.
  10. Planning on how to CRAZE for someone, you know I talks about it here as one of the thing I learnt.
  11. Finally, baba God, when you go pick up my call, I will not gree ooo, this year, I must blow like time bomb 😂😂😂, I will so disturb you with calls ehn.
  12. How on earth am I going to start reading my academic books have abandoned for over 6months now,:'(.

That’s all.


7 thoughts on “11 Thoughts At 11pm..

    1. Yes ooo, especially that her sculptured ass, all na hard work sha, the girl is a complete fitness Sumbori.
      Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Lol Funke’s body is goals and she’s a major influence on my squats too. Don’t you just find it annoying those neighbour’s generators that threaten to burst your eardrums? Smh annoying people. Since I red the commando post on Funke’s blog, I have I tried it over and over and it is wonderful trust me hehehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seriously, she has bod.
      I swear, sometimes I feel like going there to shout, it on now again sef, very annoying.
      Bhet how are you coping??, omo…it’s hard oooo, if you see as I was sweating like Christmas goat, choi, am on day two now.
      Wish me goodluck ,so I don’t drop out 😂😂.
      Thanks for stopping hun.
      Am grateful.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sweating like Christmas goat 😂😂 I can relate o! Squatted for four days straight and I could barely walk. My thighs were so sore ehn. Asked her and she said I was doing too much. Lol I thought doing too much would help this booty pop on time 😝

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Really??..😂😂😂😂😂😂, choi, this one wey I do sef, am limping.
        We will get there.


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