5 things am proud of lately.

Hi guys, what’s good?.

So there’s this bloggers challenge going on (on instagram :mrgreen: ) by @thebloggersadvocate, the thing is to write 5 thing you currently proud of. So here is mine.

  1. My blog: My blog is barely four months, and I think am doing fine :), I never expererit, amazing feedback, likes, comments, 🙌🙌, you guys rock. Thanks for viewing this blog, and making it worthwhile. This one certainly makes me proud.
  2. Myself: Yes, am proud of Mi self, when I look at how far have come, my struggles, how I handled myself and emotions in different situations, I cannot but give myself a pat on the back 😍.
  3. My Cooking Skill: I can cook, but lately, my cooking game has stepped up, from trying different local cuisine to trying my hands on baking, it can’t get any better ;). Super proud of this one too, increasing my wife material 😂😂.
  4. I enrolled for two different course last year, now have been awarded with my degree and certificate, 🎓📚.
  5. My free cervical screening voucher: This would not be the first time am entering a giveaway/ answering questions for freebies,which i never won, but I did answer this one and I was gifted a voucher. Come to think of it, have never done any screening, or medical check up in my life (I know it’s bad), so am super excited. As one of my goals for this year, is to take care of my health, go for regular check up, so this is a good way to start.

    So that’s my ‘top 5’ things am proud of. Don’t forget to holla me on Instagram @dee_iromi and follow @thebloggeradvocate.

    Until next time..


    12 thoughts on “5 things am proud of lately.

    1. lols@wife material. I really wanna up my cooking game. I’m a great cook, but it depends on my. mood and if I enjoy the food. I am also proud of my blog and the amazing people that read and comment (like you 😘) and winning two giveaways as well as crossing things of my list.


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      1. Thanks hun, this one you are a good cook, your husband material go pass 100yards oooo..😂😂, I hope to see and chop your food, one day.
        Thanks for stopping by hun.

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      1. Yea yea, my blog is just four months. We are both newbies oo. Thanks dearie, being consistent is hardwork, at a point, I felt like just deleting this blog, because I was done with the course that made it compulsory for me to start a blog. But I hung on.
        Thanks sweetie..😘😘

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    2. I am in love with this post because the things you are proud of are all in relation to your growth; both personally and health wise… And congratulations on your graduation, more colours to your already beautiful wings…


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      1. Really??,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, now am not alone in this ‘giveaway’ chumchin.
        By the way, it was nice meeting you at CAG, was shocked when I saw you’re a lawyer (IG profile), like you sooooo cool, and you rocked your outfit nicely, am sorry (all of you lawyers, don’t sue me Oo) but lawyer are always pimp, and their dressing is always professional even outside work.

        You see why I said you cool,😂, you even made your top yourself #thumbsUp, swaggalicious lawyer,😂😂😂.
        Thanks for stopping by.!


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