On Celibacy…

So, have been thinking about this for quite a while now- the whole celibate issue, and I think its the new ish now, everyone one social media is on #teamCelibate, and am like πŸ˜• wollup wollup….,really?, sha lemme not talk about the way people behave on social media here.

I had made a decision, ( πŸ™‚ I know you don’t care about ‘I made a decision‘, because me sef, I don’t care 😜), on this celibacy thing a long time ago in my younger years, not that am now a old aunty ooo. Something provoked the decision, but I couldn’t fathom what really is.

So now I ask myself, why on earth do you choose to celibate??, and No No, it’s not because of ‘ohhh am keeping it for my husband’, or ‘ i don’t want my gates   to be too wide, I need to keep things tight for my husband’, mtschwww, ayi mo yΓ© tightening cream, and ‘keeping it for my husband’???, who does that now?, is it a trophy or what??, is he ‘keeping himself for his wife’?, abi, because am not understanding.

Me: Seyi, too much story, say what you want to say, and get off here.

Me: Yes ma!!.

So when I get asked by the opposite sex or my fellow lady such a question; to be honest, I still don’t know what to say, because I find it hard with words, sometimes, when I put so much energy into giving an answer, I come out as a ‘not smart somebody’, which is not nice because am a smart lady. 

Celibate???, yes, why?? 

  1. The thought of getting laid by different dudes makes me wanna puke. Shit happens in life, Yoruba demons ain’t helping matter too, so I don’t want to date for a year or 2, then get dumped ,I would dump your ass first 😠, then date someone else, get many hot sex, then you guys break up again. Mehnnnn, how do girls do it?. 
  2. Unnecessary soul ties: I can’t do the do without having the soulful butterflies in my tummy and my heart, the ACT is just more than what people think. Why do I break up with you, then see you again, and my heart still do zing-zing, even when am seeing someone else??.
  4. I don’t just want to have sex, I want to make love!!! 😇. Let the feeling be mutual, I don’t want to feel lovey-dovey, and all he just wants is to find a place to cool off, and burn tension.
  5.  I DON’T WANT TO WALLOW IN GUILT: Am Christian, it’s my way of life, I believe in God, and I know what he requires from me. He made me understand that sex is good, he allowed it, but for the married, He didn’t sugar-coat it, he made it clear, FORNICATION is a SIN, sexual immorality is a sin( so my fellow celibators, you do all kind of fore-play, all the anals and the likes, except from ‘the main penetration’, all na still sin, you’re not celibating kon kon ). 
  6.  Am very very selfish: Dude, You can’t be pleasing me and pleasing her too!!. This single thought drives me crazy :evil:😬🙅, (guys ain’t that loyal, they tell you ‘I just slept with her, I have no feelings for her, it’s you I love’, story for the gods).
  7. The more I hear human beings, especially guys say ‘what is there?, is it not just sex?, do you know how many have seen and straffed?. Yes, we know, we know you have seen many vj, who e epp?, how much did government give you?, how does it add to my B.Tech?. Shout out to all my loud male friends, yes, am using this medium to tell you to stop, have some decency, it’s always annoying when you talk about that girl you recently laid, keep your bedroom info private!!!!!. So the more I hear talks like this, my will to stay celibate becomes stronger, like I don’t trust guys, when there are with their fellow brethren, they tend to go loose with their mouth.
  8. I don’t want my beau’s friend to know about my bedroom activities, because I know his friend will tell him. (My husband dare not try such thing, *tell his friend about our great sex, or give to much information* nahhh, but I can’t stop boyfriend naa).
  10. My spiritually: Sex to me, is more spiritual than physical, more goes on than just jamming our body for 10mins (all of you that claim, it takes more than 10mins, it can last up to 100hours, are you always in her during that 1hour, mtschww). While am chaste, there is something about my spirit man, the way I communicate with God, I can’t just explain with word, everything just flows and fall in place.
  11. I JUST WANT TO CELIBATE noni, must there be reasons for everything.
  12. Unwanted pregnancy 😂😂

End of rants/ rambling, anything you call it.

It 4:10am, sleep is needed now 😪.

Until next time…..



12 thoughts on “On Celibacy…

  1. I actually wrote a post about this but deleted it later on. But celibacy is something am looking into. Till. At least I find the perfect person. Because am. Far too emotional to be doing the ‘do’ anyhow


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol @ far too emotional to be doing the do anyhow,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
      Desmond come and teacher (in jenifa’s voice) me to be emotional naa, am far from being emotional and romantic.
      BTW, thanks for stopping by hun.


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