10 Things You Should Do Every Morning.

What you do when you are up every morning  matters a lot, most times, determines how the rest of your day go.

Ten things to engage in every morning.

  1. Open your heart: When your heart is opened, you are thankful.
  2. Open your mind: Be mentally awake, mind-alertness.
  3. Dedicate your day to God.
  4. Meditate
  5. Optimise your resources (for the day).
  6. Rebuke all negative thoughts: By speaking positivity into your day, starting your day with positive words reaffirmed, is a great way to start off.
  7. Never underestimate your potential: This all goes down to declaring positive words to yourself. After optimizing your resources, getting rid of any possible negative vibe, say positive things to and about yourself. 
  8. Inspire someone: Start with yourself!!..
  9. Brush your teeth, drink water and have breakfast 😄.
  10. Go out with joy and confidence.

They may all seem alike, but trust me, they are different task. It should take you 45-1hour, it might not be up to that sef. 

Give yourself alot of time this year.


5 thoughts on “10 Things You Should Do Every Morning.

    1. Am sure you have the strength to do it, nothing stressful, its a soulful exercise. And am sure the breakfast aspect is covered for you, I see those amazing stuff you cook 😉.

      Liked by 1 person

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