Happy Sunday..!!!

Is it just me or what?, :?, this year is running faster than Usain Bolt. Anyways, happy Sunday once again, did you go to church today?, did you pray for me,your blogger friend?, are you sure,:??, hmmm,OK. Well, I haven’t stepped out till this moment, so I didn’t go to church, but I received my full dose of the Word on my bed,😁.

Today, no serious post or anything, I just want to gist small.

Thoughts after dusk‘-  This is was the word that dropped in earlier this morning about 1:30am, when I realized my thoughts at night (11pm-4:30am) are really something worth documenting, or let me say, something I would love to pen down. Most times I sleep late, and when I sleep early like 8pm, am up by 10pm, then back to sleep by 4 or 5am. And within this periods, I always find myself looking into myself, and the world at large, I wouldn’t say am more productive during this hour, but there is something about the dark hours that’s cool :D.

Okkkkk, am beginning to bore you with tales for the gods abi, no vex. Don’t worry guys, am not gonna bore you with my personal life thoughts, and I can’t promise posts on this would be regular because it’s “as the spirit leads”. 

So watch this space, stick around, help a sis, use the ‘share’ button please 🙏🙏, subscribe, follow on all social media platform. BTW, if there anyone who knows how to use mailchimp?, have had an account with them about 5months now, and I still don’t know how to use it, or create my mail campaign, am opened to suggestions, help🙏.

Yours truly in blogging,



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