5 Things You Should Do This Year.

Its the beginning of a new year and everyone is making resolutions, taking the year by Horn. But there are some little  important things, we fail to do, including myself too.

  1. Give away those clothes, taking unnecessary space  in your wardrobe. Clothes you haven’t wore for about six months, more or less, clothes you don’t really care about or like, there is somebody out there who needs it.
  2. Eat healthy: What goes into your body matters a lot. Cut down on that alcohol or weed intake, take more water and eat healthy. You don’t need to break your pocket to eat healthy, am not asking you to go on a fruit diet, just eat healthy!!!. 
  3. Set goals: Make sure they are smart goals, and work, work, work towards it. E.g of a non-smart goal, lose 70kg in one month.
  4. Always re-connect to your creator – the Man up there.
  5. Travel: Visit new places, it might be far or near, but trust me, you won’t regret it. Try new local food, go places, its fun, remember YOLO- you only live once. This one thing I regretted not doin last year, WHAT LAST YEAR WAS ABOUT , at least change of environment ain’t bad.
  6. Yea, I said 5, but I just have to chip in this one, READ!!!: And read good books, don’t stuff your brain with uninformative information. At least, know something about everything. 


3 thoughts on “5 Things You Should Do This Year.

  1. Uhmmmm, Great Ideas here dear!
    You are making points here, but let me correct some few errors – “the man up there”? No! It’s the God up there not man!
    Then awesome point “Reading”, i think a better word will be “Unproductive Information”

    I know as you journey gradually, you will emerge a great Blogger
    , I’d share some great and useful New Year Resolution for every True Child of God on my Blog too.

    One of my Resolutions this year is to make more money~

    Like $20,000 before the year runs out! This is more than possible few months from now.
    Anyway, just to tell you, start preparing o, Lautech resumption is at hand o, 15th of January is in view, Exams at the corner.

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