My Review On 2016..

Hi guys….
It’s the end of the year again..hurray!!!.. * How has this year been for you?.

When I look at my 2016 and the xx numbers of years have spent on this planet earth, I feel sorta old, mind you, am still very very young, like am still a hot-blooded young, smart lady.

What 2016 taught me..

  • The outward behaviour of a being is only a result of the inner life.
  • To be patient with myself.
  • To never compromise my standards.
  • To make excuses for people when they hurt me so that I can have peace and be free.
  • 2016 taught me to…keep on keeping on.
  • To see good in evil..(how on earth is that even possible sef?) I learnt anyways.
  • Negativity is ah killer.

What I learnt…..

  1. I learnt the essence of silence.
  2. The art of bargaining…with mercy, like the seller would almost send me away then, now, I think am more…I don’t know,lol. But I always get a good buy.
  3. To love is painful hard.
  4. Twerking is hard. *if you know you could give me a shot at it, kindly send me an email. I really really want to learn.
  5. Proverbs 23:7 “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”.
  6. You cannot have a positive life and negative mind.
  7. Being in Christ is alot of hardwork (new-age pastor would say ‘receive Christ and your heaven is secured’; but babe…it’s ah load of effort, you need to work out your salvation, but His grace is sufficient and makes it easy for me, in this world were there is a lot of temptation).
  8. Also, it pays to CRAZE for some people, once in a while.
  9. To think about WHAT am thinking.

The Bad….

  • I dwelt in Negativism : Told you guys, that  being postive is key. A negative person never enjoys anything, no peace, no joy e.t.c There is this ‘heaviness’ about me. A negative person is a complainer, a murmurer, and a fault-finder; tho I never find fault in others (infact, am always seeing the good,no matter what), I never complain to people, or complain about them, BUT I found fault in myself, a complained about everything, having negative thoughts about myself, always seeing evils hovering around me. It was crazy guys, why am I thinking this way?, I don’t know, this thing isn’t happening but its always eating me up, sometimes most times I cry, it was so depressing, like I really really want to move out of that realm, I felt condemned, because God says we should renew our mind, and he has not given me the spirit of fear, and whatsoever is good, holy, and just, that, I should ponder on. And the thoughts and meditations of my heart should bring honour to Him, and I wasn’t doin that, the period was depressing because I had to fight myself daily. Wasn’t easy, because I don’t want to be negative, I want my thoughts to produce life not evil. Thank God for S, always there to listen to my fears, whines, cry and always to re-assure me, prayed with me, yea, prayers, when in the battlefield of mind, you use any measure. I would do a post on that soon.         
  • I was involved in an accident, where I could have died, funny how God saved me, because on a very busy road, how come no car or trailer was in sight when I had the accident?. Funny how I didn’t cry or shout at the scene, I was calm and amazed (weird right?), staring at my torn flesh on the floor. The moment I cried was at the hospital, when that slim ass nurse was cleaning the wound with one black liquid I wasn’t understanding, mehnnn…. I felt the pain in my brain. Days of nusring the wound nko??, of being careful not to let water touch the wound while bathing, who can bathe with one hand up and sideways, and the other hand busy washing parts of the body??.
  • My elder sister was also involved in numerous accident (Lord was
  • The day I also fainted on the farm, thanks to my awesome friend, d’law.
  • When Mr S broke my heart.
  • Disappointment from every angle including the government sef.
  • I didn’t ‘turn up’ throughout this year…(yea, I know, am boring, don’t worry am open for invitation next year, just mail me, *wink wink)

The Good….

  • I survived the accident.
  • She also survived numerous times.
  • I overcame my fears, anxiety and negativity.
  • Am a better person.
  • I blog now..yea…really a good one there.
  • I broke Mr S heart too (hehehe, trust me, revenge is sweet)
  • My make up game got stronger this year
  • I made I lot of new friends, from the ones who want to chop and go, to the advisers, the one who became blood, the fun and crazy one…e.t.c
  • I got closer to God too, like our relationship has been awesome.

    So, that’s how the year went for me. How was 2016 for you?
    *Am opened to any post…, send them in, promise not to spam your mails, you know they are important to me, if you know how to twerk, and you nice enough to teach me, adebayoseyi91@gmail my mail is opened.

    *Amaka sweetie, sorry I couldn’t make it to the party even tho, u gave me a free ticket……this is an open apology post, am sorry. You could check her blog out Here. 

    Thank you guys for reading my longggg and boring post.

    You know I love you guys!!



    12 thoughts on “My Review On 2016..

    1. Ahahahaj Sheyi wanna learn twerking for real ? Lol…. Why nao ?

      Wetin u wan use an do nao ?
      Anyway, the post is not complete till u remember dat ur school Lautech went on a 7month stretch stress and we are still hoping that they will resume soon as they ought to, anyway I really do miss u during this period, there Was nobody like Sheyi around here to share stuffs with it, take a way down to fag and Adenike together, but we’d hope January will bring us a great difference…… Love from tolu

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehehe….my people are here to hunt me oooooo…..!!!!!, eyin ara ogbomoso!!!.
        Yes ooo, I want to learn how to twerk, do you know anybody that can teach me??
        Thanks for stopping by.
        You forget to hit the subscribe button too..!


        1. Awww, thank you…
          I love your blog design by the way.
          Love the way the categories are sectioned.
          When will you do giveaway on those make up things,.*wink wink* don’t mind me, giveaway in


        2. Hahaha I definitely will do that! We probably can do some collab too if you want to. However I still haven’t planned the proper time to do the giveaway due to hectic schedules 😦 thank you so much for visiting btw xx

          Liked by 1 person

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