Do yourself a favour: KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!.

Two birds were preparing to start their journey for their migration, when a frog asked Them if they would be willing to take him along. The birds agreed, but did not know how it could be done. The clever frog produced a little long but strong plant stem. It asked the two birds to hold the two ends of the stem while it would hold tight to the middle of the stick with its mouth.

Midway into their progressive journey, some men below saw them and with admiration wondered how they made it. When the frog heard them its selfishness and vanity exploded. It opened its mouth and shouted, it was i”. Since its mouth was opened, and since it was all along holding the stem with its mouth, gbwaa!!!…….it immediately fell to the earth and was smashed to pieces. 

Tell me what you learnt from my short story,drop in ah comment.

If it’s hard, believe God to help you discipline your mouth. Ask for wisdom to know when you should talk and when to listen in any grpup you are. Let your tongue exalt you.

Proverbs 17:27 says;” He that hath knowledge spareth his words”. For good or ill, your conversation is your advertisement. The year is almost ended, alot of things are happening(good and bad), learn to know when to talk in whatever or wherever you  find yourself, most times our mouth puts us in trouble, before you lash that bus conductor, count 1-50, before you open your mouth to say anything, think about it first.

Perhaps the oldest saying about keeping our mouth shut is, “keep your mouth shut and people will never know how ignorant you are. Open it and you remove all doubt”. Everytime you open your mouth, you let men look into your mind. As you go out today why don’t you shut up most of the time?.

Has you mouth landed in a big mess before???, lets talk.




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