On becoming ‘Toke Makinwa’ : My thoughts.

Hey guys….yea, I know have been gone forever, I missed you too. Am sorry, my mind just went blank, and my mind was/is filled with many many ideas ideas (such a paradox), and I don’t know what to do (mind chaos).


So.. ‘on becoming’….initially, I was  reluctant to do a post on this book, like there has been a lot and lot of reviews about it, everybody has been talking about it, so am like, Why should I still write about it?.

P.s: a big THANK YOU to Mr felix Adebayo, for hooking me up with this book, I never experereit, without him, I wouldn’t be doing this post (Christmas came early for me, & it started off with a book).

Why should I write about it?, I just want to share my thoughts on it. Mehnnn, Nigerians has no chill, I read the bella naija comment section, my heart bled.

My thoughts.

On the cover:

Mehnnn…I so love the cover photo (maybe because am deep in love with black and white photography).

On the title:

Really, I love the title. ‘On becoming’ sounds really becoming,lol. On a more serious note, the title leaves you clueless about the content, not untill I saw excerpt of it, I never knew it was a more personal becoming. There are many people who have achieved an incredible degree of outward success, but have found themselves struggling on the inside, the coolest/richest person you know might be struggling with psychological issue or anger problem, and wants to ‘become’ something. Forget the whole ‘she’s toke naa, her ‘on becoming’ should have been on how she got all the fame and endorsements’, she might not see it that way, or she might feel she hasn’t gotten there yet. In the book, I think she graced work well, and her job and accomplishments wasn’t on her grade, she came out with 2.2(second class lower), remember (those who have read it) she said after youth corps, she had a banking job waiting for her, the bank she served, wanted to retain her, she simply followed her passion.

Table of content:

Well arranged.


Am short of words. The book literally blew me away. Am not gonna say beyond that. The chapter about ‘her’ I.e the other woman, that was blank (empty) was filled with so much words, and emotions. Get the book. I also love the way she introduced each chapter with a quote.


I particularly love this quote.

I also love the twist she pulled off at the end, about the author, she just wrote in a language I don’t even know, it looks interesting tho.

Random advice: love YOURSELF , you are the chief editor of your own happiness.

Final thoughts about the book:

1481407751536.jpg All that matters is to invest your pain and live life.

Have you read the book also??, what do you think about it?.

Thanks for reading.



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