What Can I do?

Good morning Nigeria and the rest of the world, lol. How are you guys doing?, hope y’all fine?, how’s preparation for Christmas going?.

So what can I do?..

I was talking to ‘cupcake’ about 6 days ago, random gisting, then this question just came like lightening from heaven, then I asked ‘cupcake’ what can you do?. Cupcake couldn’t answer, instead c.c directed the question back to me–> You, what can you do?.

So, I would be taking you through a couple of things I can do, but am blessed to do soso many things. So, lets dig in.

  1. I can teach: I must give this one to myself, am a good teacher, I can’t teach you about anything and you won’t understand…lol, na baba God.
  2. I sing: Yea, am actually good with music, l luvvrr signing, in the bathroom, bedroom, while cooking, name it, on the street sef.
  3. I can dance.
  4. I can pray: May not necessarily be up to an hour,lol.
  5. I write: is in ma blood,lol, writing is a soulful exercise for me, like have been writing since age 12.
  6. I blog: So, is there any difference between blogging and writing??, I don’t know, just started blogging about a month ago. Let me know if am doing justice to it. Your opinions are yummy yum yum to me.
  7. I can act: Trust me ‘sweet sour cream puff’ could testify to this. Its just an hobbie tho, nothing serious, apart from church drama group.
  8. I cook: Trust me, I can cook, am a good cook, my kitchen skill has no boundaries, from local dish to different cuisine..(am actually taking lessons from my google app, for thai cusine).
  9. I can style/make my hair: Yea, when you have a natural hair as soft as mine, you just keep touching till you end up with something (p.s- when you’re broke, your creativity level just increases,lol, I mean, I once braided my hair myself, no joke, it took me a full day).



Trust me, I can do better than this, I was just tired and the wool sef wasn’t enough. Have had crochet installed by myself, bantu knotsknots,twists,french braids a.k.a didi, the list is endless.
Those braids took me a full day, spot me, lol, am always behind the camera, don’t mind that geh in black and that broda too.

10. I can sew: When school no gree us write exam nko, I just join aunty Tosin in dress making, at least I can epp amend your dress, press the machine perfectly, I can sew simple style.

  1. 11. I can talk: Public speaking is a gift.
  2. 12. I can dab (it’s a skill i acquired)
  3. 13. Make up make up make up : Make up artistry flows through my veins, am not yet a professional. But have done for a couple of people tho.
  4. 14. I can bake (only chin chin, despite all the home economics class, I still don’t know how to bake cake,bread e.t.c #sad).
  5. 15. I farm.textgram_1481156906
  6. 16. I can design an Ad using Microsoft PowerPoint (yea, not graphic design).
  7. 17. I can drive (stil trying tho, have not been licensed yet).
  8. 18. I can bathe for babies, little cutie babes (yo!, not all of you ladies can do that)
  9. 19. I can make your boyfriend leave you for me. After a week when he sees……..img_20161208_013704he would come back to you, hehehe.

Phew..!! thanks for reading. Share me your thoughts, what you do?. You could also hit me up on Instagram, @dee_iromi, have some stuff cooking up.

Thank you sirs and mas…

Untill next time..



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