Invest Your Pain

Happy Sunday guys!!

Pain pain pain!!!! 

Sweet pain!!

Life is a battlefield and it was a cross that gave birth to the crown. What does not kill you will make you stronger. Life is full of ups and downs, painful moments and joyful moments. You must learn to invest your pain and not waste it. 
Pain allowed by God is for a reason to bless your world, most of  the successful people or organization today were given birth from their pain, everyone has a story to tell, from the woman who failed in her marital life that decides to counsel young people or couple concerning marriage, a man who had lost his child due to negligence of the school health center, who then decides to open a free health center in school for student, Or to this woman (can’t remember her name) who lost all her family, husband and children, due to the carelessness of a drunk driver, she saw her husband and children roast, whom the States ask to sue the guy (other driver), but she refused, instead she forgave him, if she speak today,people will be moved, people draw strength from her, what of the Spaffords (author of hymn’it is well) the list is endless.

‘Why did God allow this?’, The ‘why’ wil always lead to the ‘what ‘.

Your divorce experience can help lonely lives/ struggling marriages. Your being  unmarried today can be used to bless other singles. God can use your financial struggles to encourage others whoare financially frustrated. No experience is a casual or a waste and nothing happens by accident.

Your battles are for a reason, are for a season (not forever)  and you must invest your pain and not spend it murmuring. Yes! Pain can either be invested or spent.

Turn your experience into developmental activities in your community,office, church, family. Invest in your pain!!!

Make pain pleasurable, pain are meant to be felt, pain is real, pain is beauty.

Look beyond sorrow.

What does your pain make you do?, how does it make you feel?, do draw strength from your pain? Or it crushes you?, does your pain make you or mar you?

Stay blessed



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