What I Think About Life- 2

Hey guys, happy new month, make sure to make The best out of this month.

So, am sharing my thoughts about life, if you missed the first post (here ).

I read somewhere that one business tycoon in china passed away. His widow, left with $1.9billion in the bank, married the chauffeur. His chauffeur said, ‘All the while, I thought I was working for my boss……it is only now, that I realize that my boss was all the time working for me !!.

The cruel reality is : It is more important to live longer than to have more wealth. So, I must strive to have a strong and healthy body; it doesn’t really matter who is working for who, I need to rest. 

There is a yoruba adage that says ” its what you eat that is your own”. In a high end phone, 70% of the function are useless, if you own a mansion/villa, 70% of the space are usually not used or occupied.

Life is fun but in a cruel way, without the ups and downs, there wouldn’t be life.

Go for medical check up even if not sick, drink more water, even if not thirsty, learn to let go, even if faced with grave problem. Endeavour to give in, even if you are in the right( you can’t live with my father, and not learn that,lol,african parent sha).

Life is to sweet to let memories pass you by while hustle, work hard play hard.

Am not here to make a living, am here to make life.

Jéjé laye.



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