How to: Choose your perfect shade of foundation (Don’t’s and Do’s)

Good afternoon lovelies, how is your day going?, is anyone noticing this year is ending or its has ended already?, hmmm.

So today, I woke up late (yea, today is monday, no work for me, I gave myself a lil ‘break’) when I went out, the first person I saw(on the street) was a girl, in her teens….she should be 15 or 16yr but she looks 20, the whole makeup was #wack, when she greeted me, I couldn’t say ‘come lemme epp you blend your make up well’, una sabi all those kin geh, she might(would) give me the insult of my life, so I just lock up….#mindingMyBusiness. The foundation wasn’t her colour, and if the foundation be bad, what can the righteous do, lol.

The first and crucial step is to get a foundation that exactly the same as your skin tone, or closest to your natural tone. Beauty starts with great skin, the right foundation will make you look like you are not having any foundation at all. You’ll just have even-toned, great looking skin.

The reason I wear foundation is to even my skin tone and texture. When applied correctly, the result is skin that looks clear and smooth. But, what is most important is that the skin look better than it did without foundation.

There are many formulas of foundation but the one we are all used to here in Naija is the liquid and cream foundation.

Finding the perfect shade 

Test several shades of foundation on the side of your face, between your nose and the side of your of your cheek. Also test a shade lighter and a shade darker for comparison. The correct shade will disappear on the skin. Make sure the foundation is yellow-based. Everyone has yellow undertone in their skin.

Double check the selected color on your fore-head, sometimes women have darker skin on fore-head and the foundation shade that matches here will work better for the whole face.

Note: Always test foundation in natural light. Do not test foundation on the hand or arm, as the face is rarely the colour as the rest of the body.


The right tools will help you apply foundation quickly and easily. For beginners, I advice you use makeup sponge I.e wedge or foam, for great looking result. Make sure to blend properly, blend into your hairline and your neck (if you would be exposing your neck).

I hope it helps…


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