Of course we all know life is short. Recently, Life has really been squeezing me, so that’s what prompted this post.

Life to me is like a roller coaster with highs and lows, with speeds, slows, with screams and fearful encounters but, all the same you need to enjoy the ride. When I die, my money remains in the bank….yet when am alive, I don’t have enough money to spend. In reality,when am gone, there is still alot of money not spent(not that I have the money now,lol.).

  • Life is a labour
  • Have learnt that life must be lived with appreciation to the giver.
  • Life is a Privilege not a right.
  • Life is like a game of chess and you must learn to play it wisely.
  • Life can sometimes be very tough and kind , but without my challenges, life will not be called LIFE.
  • Life is kind.
  • I have learnt and still learning the pranks of life.
  • Have learnt to live my life as if today is the last day and plan my life like I would live a 100 year.
  • What becomes of me today depends on my character and lifestyle.
  • Life has taught me to follow my passion
  • It has taught me the essence of minding my business.
  • The downs of life are ladders to the ups, which makes life more enjoyable.

Life could be cruel sometimes and give me a hundred reason to cry, but I always try to show life have gat a thousand reasons to smile. Also, you can’t last long if you are proud, because life would teach you a lesson, so I have to remain humble, even if am very rich & powerful, else I would fall like lightening.

Life is beautiful, life is short, live life to the fullest but live wisely.



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