OKRO- What about them?

Hey beautiful people, how do you do?, how’s ya weekend going?, any turn-up?

Today, we would be talking about Okro or Okra, also known as Lady finger in most english country. You’re probably  thinking…..okro?…what does she have to say about okro?, can okro be used or incorporated in a beauty regime again?, the thought of having an okro face mask/ okro leave-in in your hair sounds gross abi?… as typical Nigerians we are all used to this

But, today I wouldn’t be giving recipes on how to prepare okro soup,lol.

Okro belongs to a mallow family. It is fat-free, nutrient-dense. Okro has high fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, it also contains calcium, pottassium, niacin(vitamin B3), thamin,vit B6, magnesium, beta-carotene, and lutein. In addition, it has powerful antioxidant properties. It has nemerous benefits which include…

  • Reducing of blood sugar level
  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Treats leukorrhea
  • Prevent liver disease
  • Make your hair soft and shiny
  • Prevents constipation
  • Improves heart health
  • Okro Prevents dandruff too
  • Also, improves eyesight.

You can make a face mask by simply getting 1cup of chopped okro, water, olive oil/ jojoba oil or any carrier oil (optional) put in a blender and blend till it form a paste……tadaa….thats your face mask. Then for your hair, I.e making a LEAVE-IN….here is a pictorial by esther’tom..

Try this recipes and let me know what you think, mind you hv tried it numerous times, P.s: if you stay with your parent, do not, I repeat DO NOT, try this when your momma is around.



3 thoughts on “OKRO- What about them?

  1. I might just try the hair one cos this my natural hair must grow.
    Someone once told me to eat okro cos I have a deep and bassy voice. Though I never did that o..
    I love my voice.
    But considering my desperation which was a product of having medium-length hair for quite some time, I might put this okro regimen into practice.
    http://www.girleccentric.wordpress. com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol @ eating okro, I don’t agree with that person.
      Sure, you could add it to your regimen, I never post what I don’t/haven’t done, and it worked for me, tho have done it just thrice since I joined the natural hair gang (a year plus now).
      Don’t worry your natural hair go grow pass medium- length,lol.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      Liked by 1 person

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