Years ago, a musician, George Benson, sang a song with the theme: “The Greatest Love Of All” which states that the greatest love of all in the universe lies within every individual!!! He said to love one’s self is the scarcest love of all! Even Jesus Christ of Nazareth, declare that you cannot love your neighbour more than YOURSELF, He said “Love your neighbor as yourself”-(mk 12:31). That means you must appreciate yourself and believe in yourself before you can appreciate others and believe in them. The emphasis is not in the word “neighbor” but in “thyself”. 

Statistics show that most great people and achievers on this planet are people who do not let or allow anything or anyone to make them feel bad about themselves. They learn to love and appreciate themselves because they know that Their accomplishment is tied to their self-esteem. 

Why wouldn’t you love yourself when there is no one perfect on this earth? Is there anyone better, you are the best u can be, don’t condemn or feel inferior to anybody because of your past mistakes or failures.

Do you even know that there are no two leaves alike on any tree? Do you know that there are no two fingerprints alike in the whole wide world? Do you also know that no one was born to do what you were born to do? You are a unique person and God created you for a unique purpose!!.

Thomas Jefferson said:”Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goals and nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude “.

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Stay beautiful by loving yourself….


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