How to get that shiny red lips

Hey lovelies, how do you do?

Yea…, shiny not glossy, we would be talking on how to add shine to our red-is (is there anything like redis in the dico), and I won’t be uploading pictures of me trying out all this stuff, because……camera ish…*pheww.


  • maxresdefault.jpg

Not everyone has the ‘stamina’ to rock a glossy lips,some just do it the wrong way, and their lips looks like its crying….*sighs*..

First of all,

  • Make sure your lips is healthy…..*no dry, chapped lips*, if so, exfoliate.
  • Apply a moisturizing lip balm….p.s : you can skip if you have healthy lips like me…*wink wink*
  • Choose any shade of red you love,
  • Apply on your lips, apply with a lip brush for even application, to avoid cracks, etc.
  • Make sure you fill the colour properly into your lips, then smack smack gently .
  • You could also use your finger to pat the colour in, as it helps colour stay in longer,

Then, use your little finger to take a bit of gloss, then dab onto the lips,

Voilà, you are done..


Reason you have to use to fingers to apply product, we have what is called body warmth or rather  body temperature, and beauty products tends to blend in well at normal body temperature, brushes don’t have temp., lol.



Keep slaying in red….


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