imggood.com_.jpgHi lovelies, today i would be taking you through ten step to achieve a simple evening look.

  • Step 1: Moisturize: First and important rule,’MOISTURIZE’. Get a good,hydrating moisturizing cream or lotion that suits your skin type.
  • Step 2: Concealer/corrector : Get a concealer/corrector that’s one or two shade lighter than your skin tone; apply to your dark circles,blemish,pimples, any area of discolouration or any place you want to cover up. DO NOT go overboard with it,else it would end up creasing with fine lines and you don’t want that. After concealing, apply a loose white powder to set it in,then dust away.
  • Step 3: Foundation: Get a foundation  that’s the same as your skin tone; make sure you get one that suits your skin texture,if you have an oily skin get an oil-control foundation with matte finish, dry skin?, get a moisturizing foundation.                               Apply with a brush or make up sponge for easy application and for  even distribution.
  • Step 4: Powder: Apply loose/compact powder with a large powder brush. Apply evenly,dust a bit on your neck.
  • Step 5: Brow filling: If you have sparsely filled brows,you could fill such areas with pencil, brow filler/liners [use colour that’s the same as your natural brows] and for your natural brow line.
  • Step 6: Blush: Add a pop of colour to your cheeks, start from the apple of your cheeks and blend towards your hairline.
  • Step 7: Eyeshadow: Add any colour of your choice. Apply with a brush for more definition and less crease. NOTE: You could also use an eyeshadow primer,but you can skip.
  • Step 8: Eye liner: Line the inner part of your  eyes with a black a pencil to make your eyes more noticeable.
  • Step 9: Mascara: They make your lashes look fuller and voluminous. Add two or more coats for more definition.
  • Step 10:  Lipstick: Apply a warm tone of lipstick,or any colour that works for you.

You are good to go. Hope this tip are helpful?….don’t forget to like,subscribe,comment and share !!!!

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